Madlove - A Designer Asylum Workshop

If you could design your own asylum what would it be like? What if you had a safe place to go mad?

Can you help us to redesign the ‘asylum’ to challenge the current social and medical perceptions of mental health and help create a blueprint for a ‘designer asylum’?

Draw, build, write and share your ideas in a playful, practical, artist-led session. James Leadbitter (disabled artist and mental health advocate) aka the vacuum cleaner, and Hannah Hull (disabled artist and researcher) will hold two workshops inviting everyone, whatever your personal experience of mental illness, to come together to reconsider - and ultimately change - how mental health is treated.

Ideas from the workshop will feed into the final design for the Madlove Asylum, a temporary national asylum that the artists will build and open to the public.

Please note, this free event requires a ticket.

Wednesday 3 Sept
10.30am - 1.30pm (this workshop will be filmed) - Please note 'Text Transcribed' is on a request basis.
3pm - 6pm - Please note 'Text Transcribed' is on a request basis.
On Thursday 4 Sept the artist will present the context to the Madlove project and ideas created for the blueprint from the previous days ‘Madlove - Designer Asylum Workshop’ in two artist talks.

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3 hours